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   2-Wire Loop Powered Display:
   2-Wire Loop Powered Display>> LCDD-03
Name:      2-Wire Loop Powered Dispaly LCDD-03
Type:      LCDD-03
        · With white backlight display, visible in the dark environment.
        · 2-wire, no additional power supply required
        · High accuracy and stability
        · Many kinds of units can be displayed, such as mA, us, PH,
          mbar,ect. (Further versions are possible on request.)
        · 2 OPTO switchs output, NPN output, PNP output(Option)
  * No additional power supply required
* Compact design
* Easy programming with Push buttons
* Reverse Polarity
* Low power consumption
* 16 Bit ADC MCU inside
* LCD can work at 3mA
* Many kinds of the units can be displayed
* Optional: Two OPTO switch outputs,NPN output, PNP output
  Technical data Display:
  * Type: Visible range 32.5X22.5mm; 5-digit 7-segment main display, digit height 8mm, 8-digit 14-segment additional   display, digit height 5mm; 52bars meter with 2% resolution
* Range: - to
* Accuracy: 0.1%±1 digit
* Digital damping: 0 to 100 s(step 0.1 s)
Units: mA, us, ms, s, PH, ℉, ℃, PSI, MPa, bar, KPa, mbar, Pa, % etc.

Supply: Not required, 4 to 20mA loop powered
Voltage drop: ≤3.5V
* LCD can work on 3mA

  Electrial protection:
  Short-circuit protection: Permanent
Reverse polarity protection: Max. current: approx. 200mA
  Ambient temperatures:
  * Operating: -20 to 70℃
Storage: -30 to 85℃
  Display housing:  ABS
Weight:  Approx. 28g
Ingress protection:  IP 65(when mounted)
* Color of housing: Black

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