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   Head Temperature Transmitters:
  Head Temperature Transmitters>>MST10RL
Name:      Head Temperature Transmitter MST10RL
Type:      MST10RL
Specifications: ·low price simple operation
·Connection type:3-wire connection
·Sensor current: 0.5mA
·Measurement ranges:-200 to 850°C
·Min.measurement Ranges:10K
·Connection type:3-wire connection
·Sensor current: 0.5mA
  ·Output signal:4 to 20mA
·Signal on alarm:Underranging:Linear drop to 3.8mA
                          Overranging: Linear rise to 20.5mA
                          Sensor break,seneor open-circuit:3.6mA or 22mA.
  Accuracy :

·Input: RTD
·Accuracy:0.2K or 0.1% of spanPerformance characteristics
·Respone time: 1s
·Referenzbedingungen: Calibration temperature:+23°C(73.4K)±5K
·Long term stability:≤0.05%year
·Switch on delay:≤5s
·Influence of ambient: Negligible
·Load influence: Negligible
·Power supply influence:Negligible
·Resolution:1μA·Storage temperature
·Ambient temperature limits:40 to +85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
·Storage temperature: -40 to +100 °C (-40 to 212 °F)
·Degree of protection:IP00/IP66 installed
·Shock and vibration resistance:4g/2 to150 Hz as per IEC 60 068-26
·Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) :Interference immunity and interference emission accordingto
·GB/T17626.2-1998), compliance with IEC 61000-4-3:1995

  ·Dimensions:44 mmX22.5 mm
·Weight:Approx. 33.5g
·Materials:Housing: PC;Potting: epoxy

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